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The Brandi Project  provides financial and educational support to dog-rescue organizations.  We fund and champion the dog-rescue cause by holding fundraising events, selling merchandise, and promoting educational and awareness programs. Each dog we help save and place in a forever-home reminds us anew how vital and rewarding this work is.
The Brandi Project… Rescue for life.
For the month of November, proceeds from our merchandise sales will be donated to
Our vision
To serve as a socially conscious business that becomes a central funding and educational force for dog-rescue organizations and dog lovers nationwide, with the goal of finding every shelter
dog a forever-home.
Brandi's Story

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Brandi's Corner
Rescued friends
Meet Rhea, a girl's best friend.
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Meeting JaDee prompted a conflict between head and heart for Jeff that is now happily resolved. 
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To date: $36,338.4

It’s about results – about rescuing as many dogs as possible and uniting them with loving
families. Contributions have helped a lead dog-rescue organization PAWS New England
reduce a Tennessee animal shelter’s 90% euthanasia rate down to 15%. Your support today
can save even more dogs and expand our reach even further. You make the difference.
Goal: $100,000
“Having seen the dedicated and effective volunteer work done by Jim Paolucci on behalf of our rescue group, I wholeheartedly endorse his vision for The Brandi Project.
I’m certain this group will play a central role in the dog-rescue mission.”

-- Kelly Parker, PAWS New England Co-Founder
Be part of The Brandi Project:
Buy gear - save a dog

Wear and carry The Brandi Project gear knowing that a
full 25% of your purchase goes to dog-rescue operations.
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