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The Brandi Project  provides financial and educational support to dog-rescue organizations.  We fund and champion the dog-rescue cause by holding fundraising events, selling merchandise, and promoting educational and awareness programs. Each dog we help save and place in a forever-home reminds us anew how vital and rewarding this work is.
The Brandi Project… Rescue for life.
Our vision
To serve as a socially conscious business that becomes a central funding and educational force for dog-rescue organizations and dog lovers nationwide, with the goal of finding every shelter
dog a forever-home.
Brandi's Story

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Brandi's Corner
Rescued friends
Meet Rhea, a girl's best friend.
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Meeting JaDee prompted a conflict between head and heart for Jeff that is now happily resolved. 
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To date: $36,052.2

It’s about results – about rescuing as many dogs as possible and uniting them with loving
families. Contributions have helped a lead dog-rescue organization PAWS New England
reduce a Tennessee animal shelter’s 90% euthanasia rate down to 15%. Your support today
can save even more dogs and expand our reach even further. You make the difference.
Goal: $100,000
“Having seen the dedicated and effective volunteer work done by Jim Paolucci on behalf of our rescue group, I wholeheartedly endorse his vision for The Brandi Project.
I’m certain this group will play a central role in the dog-rescue mission.”

-- Kelly Parker, PAWS New England Co-Founder
Be part of The Brandi Project:
Buy gear - save a dog

Wear and carry The Brandi Project gear knowing that a
full 25% of your purchase goes to dog-rescue operations.
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